For some people, it is more convenient to use a squat toilet than sitting. However, do not forget to diligently clean it before the crust appears on the toilet. Because, when the crust has appeared, it requires more effort to remove the crust. A clean toilet certainly will not cause disgust and is more pleasing to the eye than a dirty toilet. On the other hand, if your squat toilet is clogged, we suggest you hire plumbers Columbia SC. They’re professionals who can unclog your toilet quickly and effectively.

You may use the crust removal liquid

The most common way to remove crust in squat toilets is to use special chemicals whose function is to clean the crust. You can get this material easily because many are sold freely. In addition, the price is relatively cheap too.

How to use: Pour this cleaning fluid into a cloth lint that is usually used for washing dishes. Why use fabric fibers? Because, if you use fiber from metal materials it is feared that it will damage the ceramic layer. So, make sure you use fibers that have a medium level of roughness. The next step is to apply the rust stains on your squat toilet.

The mistake that is often done when using a special cleaning fluid crust is to add too much water so that the work of this liquid is less than optimal. Use water only occasionally when this chemical feels it has begun to dry. However, this method actually has many shortcomings. First, how to use it is difficult if you are not right to use it, the results obtained are not too optimal. Then second, after pouring it into the squat toilet, it takes a lot of rubbing to get rid of the crust in the squat toilet. This continuous rubbing serves to knock down crust stains. This will also feel very tiring and less practical to use.