Every year, a company will always need the services of an accountant to provide advice on financial matters, calculate taxes to be paid, and conduct business financial analysis that will end with financial planning for the next period. It’s because of the importance of the existence of an accountant’s services and the costs that must be paid by the company for the existence of the accountant, there are several things that should be considered by the company before deciding to use the accountant’s services. Meanwhile, if you want to hire an accountant who can track your finance when you’re traveling, you can hire the best mobile bookkeeper.

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Here are things to know before hiring the services of an accountant:


Experience is an advantage. Before deciding to use the services of an accountant, try to find out the experience they have by making questions about complex financial situations. Try testing his experience of handling finance in a growing industry, how to obtain tax breaks, and whether you have experience dealing with companies with the same industry.


Service is everything. Ask your prospective accountant what services you will get if the company decides to use its services. Does this accountant only offer a certain service or more than just one? Do they provide audit support? Are they willing to help you throughout the year, or only at the time of tax calculation? If the accountant works in a larger agency, will you be able to continue working with that particular accountant? Finally, it’s good to know whether the accountant also has a partnership with a tax attorney if needed at any time. What is clear, the more types of services you can get, the better it is for the company.

Certification or Credential

If someone calls themselves an accountant, then they must have credentials or certificates that support it. So you must ask whether the accountant is certified or not. A qualified accountant will be happy to share this information. Also, ask your prospective accountant how they are following the latest tax laws and trends. By having certification in certain fields, then a professional will be accepted both in general and by government authorities, so it will be very helpful if there is an audit of the company.