At first glance, cruise vacations seem ideal for wheelchair and scooter users. Various activities, meals, and entertainment are at hand, attentive staff are available to help and, most importantly, once you leave, you are in an easily accessible cabin during your trip. All of this is true, but wheelchair users and scooters need to spend a little extra time planning and doing research before ordering a cruise. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a high-quality electric scooter, we suggest you take a look at the Xiaomi M365 pro.

Some shipping lines impose wheelchair and scooter restrictions or do not allow passengers to carry electric or wheelchair scooters. Others limit the wheelchair and scooter width to prevent problems with the narrow door. And some, especially the European river cruise lines, do not allow wheelchairs or scooters at all. You can also face the possibility of damage to your wheelchair during the trip.

Solution: Read all the terms and conditions of your cruise line before ordering. Find out which types of wheelchairs and scooters are allowed. If your property does not meet the requirements of your cruise line, consider renting a smaller model during your cruise. Bring a list of wheelchair or scooter repair shops with you; the crew may be able to help with small and simple repairs.