Good project management requires high-quality UX. Project management focuses on planning and organizing projects and available resources. Project management also includes identifying and managing cycles that will be used later. In addition, it also in applying it to the design process which again matches the term UX which is centered on user satisfaction and comfort. It did not stop there, even the management included formulating who was included in the project team and guiding the team efficiently until the project was completed. You may also hire a reliable ux designer if you wish to make the best UX for your project.

In addition, user research also requires UX. This is research that focuses on understanding user behavior. What are the user’s needs and what motivations? User research is carried out using other techniques of observation, analysis, and methodology for finding feedback.

Finally, usability evaluation also requires UX. This evaluation focuses on how well users can learn quickly and use existing website features to achieve their goals. It also actually refers to how satisfied the user is with the usage process.